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Tamar Elkeles, Ph.D. Chief Talent Executive, Atlantic Bridge Capital, LLP Former Chief Learning Officer, Qualcomm

Tamar Elkeles is the Former CLO of Qualcomm, currently serves as the Chief Talent Executive for Atlantic Bridge Capital LLP, a growth equity and late stage technology fund focused on high growth companies in the cloud, SaaS, mobile, and big data markets. At Atlantic Bridge Capital, Tamar works across their portfolio companies creating best practices in human capital as well as working with them on strategic areas such as scaling for growth and building the next generation of leaders.

Workforce Trends

Every CEO Should Know

The landscape in today’s businesses is changing rapidly. Complexity and competition are on the rise, as are the use of new technologies and the speed at which business is done. New, emerging markets and industries keep evolving. The pace at which organizations are transforming is being impacted by leadership, industry position, competition, internal constraints, and external conditions.

There are significant changes in the landscape of the workforce as well. Baby boomers are retiring at rapid numbers and millennials now make up the majority of the workforce. Generation Z (anyone born between 1995-2009) is beginning to enter the working world, and this influx of next generation talent is altering the face of companies, industries, and consumers.

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