How Did That Happen?

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How Did That Happen? Holding People Accountable for Results the Positive, Principled Way is an insightful leadership book that offers a positive and principled way of holding others accountable to deliver on Key Expectations. Throughout the book, workplace accountability and culture change thought leaders, Roger Connors and Tom Smith, explore a methodology for holding others accountable in a proven and time-tested manner that improves morale and produces results. 


  • Discover how the Accountability Sequence® model can be used to properly establish expectations that are carried out. 
  • Leverage the Outer Ring in a way that gets the hearts and minds of those carrying out the expectation involved. 
  • Properly set up mutually agreed inspections that help facilitate and positively reinforce those you hold accountable. 
  • Understand how to use the Inner Ring to troubleshoot scenarios in which an expectation may fail to be delivered upon. 

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