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5 steps to achieving a high performance culture of accountability

5 Steps To Achieving a High-Performance Culture of Accountability 

What’s your next big disruption? Whether it’s changing market conditions, evolving customer expectations, or new technologies and automation, companies need to be agile. CEOs cannot afford to blink if they are to remain competitive and profitable amidst this upheaval. Nobody wants to be the next Toys “R” Us or BlackBerry. It’s why leaders develop robust strategies, remain focused on execution, and take accountability to ensure their companies stay ahead of the game and succeed. But they need more.

In an era of expanding innovative technologies and imploding markets, leaders need to lead. One CEO of a major food company once asked me to define leadership. My response was simple and the result of years of observation: “Leadership is the ability to facilitate movement in the needed direction and have people feel good about it.” This principle resonated with the CEO—and every CEO since.

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